dimecres, 16 abril de 2014

Montserrat: L'Agulla de l'Elefantet, Cara sud

Yesterday, Ferran and I, have been climbing in Montserrat, in l'Agulla de l'Elefantet, cara sud.
Was a really nice experience for me, cause I'm not use to climb 150m. Was a bit hot, but anyway we enjoyed a lot the day.

L'Agulla de l'Elefantet


The rout was easy, but when we were almost in the top, we found and nice and short 7a+, Date asco. Was nice to climb this one in that point, really high. Good feelings!!

The route Date Asco

The route Date Asco

Gypsi at the beginning of Date Asco

And the Top:

Gypsi and Ferran on the Top


Later on, we just moved to La Bimba sector, where I did Monjes Cosacos, 6c and I was trying De verde o de marrón, un cabrón es un cabrón, 7a, really hard...

Thank's to Ferran for this nice day full of new experiences for me in a Magical place, MONTSERRAT
Thank's to Psycoartholds  and  Climbskin  too.


dilluns, 14 abril de 2014

Boulder in Taradell: Akiribomboro s.d.

I'm allready at home, and of course bouldering.
This time in Taradell, with my family/friends: Ferran, Laia and Arlet.

That's just the beginning; more come soon...

Ferran on "Akiribomboro s.d."

Gypsi on "Akiribomboro s.d."

Gypsi on "Akiribomboro s.d."

Gypsi on "Akiribomboro s.d."

Arlet "gitaneta" i el papa Ferran

I aqui el video:

Akiribomboro s.d. from Jaume Garcia on Vimeo.

Fotos: Laia Nadia
Thank's to Psycoartholds  and  Climbskin

dissabte, 12 abril de 2014


Jaume on Linker boulder s.d. 7b

Jaume on Linker boulder s.d., 7b

Jaume on Monkeyroof s.d., 7b

Jaume on Monkeyroof s.d., 7b


Jaume on Linkerboulder s.d., 7b

And one video; Enjoy:

Bahratal from Jaume Garcia on Vimeo.

Photos by Jaume and Julia
Filmed by Julia

Thank's a lot to Psyco artholds  and   Climbskin

diumenge, 30 març de 2014

Sessió de fotos al Búnker

Fotos en la via: Normalweg
Escaladores: Miguel aka Compae, Xabi aka Xabibilba, Marc aka Bou, y Jorge aka Profe
Fotos: Jaume

dilluns, 24 març de 2014

Bahratal ohne ende...

Jaume on Weiss s.d., 7b+

2x von bahratal from Jaume Garcia on Vimeo.

Thank's to Psyco artholds and Climbskin 

diumenge, 16 març de 2014

Bouldern mit Motvation

Matias en el ultimo crux de Motivation

diumenge, 23 febrer de 2014

Ohne pause!!


Jaume in Motivation s.d.